Thank you for considering a contribution to help our cause. We're changing the world, one brain at a time.

Join us in the effort to treat brain injury. Team up with Mercaptor and contribute today!

Why Contribute to Mercaptor?

Mercaptor Discoveries has found the proverbial Holy Grail of treatments for brain damage and injury. We are on the cutting edge, with a new way of thinking about treatment — and even pre-treatment - for a host of threats to our brains. Our new approach is based on our discovery: the Capton.

Rather than pursue the paradigm of fundraising that follows the path of of Big Pharma, we are developing our discovery while eschewing the easy route and maintaining intellectual control over our work by asking for funds directly from you. YOU can make the difference in our fight against Traumatic Brain Injury.


Mercaptor Discoveries is a privately-held company headquartered in Novato, California. We are an amalgamation of scientists and professionals who are developing new drugs for the treatment of CNS injury and degeneration.